What is No-fault insurance?

What is No-fault insurance

What is No-fault insurance?

Sometimes, this is hard to understand -what is no-fault insurance? In this article, we are going to discuss No-fault insurance and try to explain all the hidden information. A lot of people are confused about this. So, let me start with the necessary information or definition of -what is no fault insurance? No-fault insurance sometimes is considered as personal injury protection insurance (PIP), and PIP can be cover you and your passenger’ while you are driving and suddenly unexpected thing happen with you. In this case, this may be cover you and provide you with the medical expense and loss of the damage in the event of a covered accident, regardless of who’s fault or negligence.

Similarly, if we talk, it is different from the other auto insurance – such as collision, comprehensive and liability – in which is seen that who was driving the vehicle by mistake or negligence only after it is decided whether you will get a claim or not. Just after examining all these things that you cover all things according to your policy. Personal injury protection coverage will cover your medical bills, income loss and the other related expense raised by you and your passengers. No fault insurance is like car insurance that helps to pay you and your passengers’ medical expense if they get an injury in the car accident, regardless of who’s fault or negligence. No-fault insurance is also known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP). And PIP coverage is not available in the all country. I will give you the list of the country in this article where PIP coverage is available.

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In lots of countries No-fault insurance is required and somewhere PIP personal injury protection is optional. We are attaching mention the list of this county in following-

No-Fault Insurance/Personal
Injury Protection is required in following Countries

KansasNorth Dakota
New YorkMinnesota
PennsylvaniaNew Jersey

No-fault Insurance isn’t required in following country?

District of ColumbiaVirginia
New HampshireWisconsin
South DakotaWashington

What does No-fault insurance/PIP cover?

As soon as we have talked about it a little earlier, but here we will give it a bit more depth to tell about this point-to-point. No-fault/personal injury protection is covering the medical and hospitals bills when you and your passengers are getting injured in the car accident. Here in the few things that No-fault insurance may cover for no-fault policy owner and their passengers. This is including the car and more stuff along with the accident which is the following: –

What does No-fault insurance/PIP

What isn’t covered by the No-fault Insurance?

Funeral expense.

Damages of another people’s property. If
there is an accident due 
to your mistake and the cost to another person’s property, then the expense of this will cover by the property damage liabilities instead of no-fault insurance/PIP.


After the injury the loss of the income
(This is not available in all country). More coverage access than your health

Essential services which will be very
important after your accident, for example, child care and home cleaning,

Vehicle damaged by accident. If you had
taken a collision coverage 
that will pay you to for your car damages, but this will not cover in this No-fault insurance/PIP.

Medical and hospital expense after the

How Does No-Fault Insurance Work?

No-fault insurance or Personal injury protection will cover your medical bills when you are injured in an accident but isn’t cover your car damages losses. Your own insurance company pays your all medical bills or any medical epx3ense. This is a little bit different from the other auto insurance coverage. According to information from the Insurance Institute, No-fault insurance service aims to reduce auto insurance costs by removing small claims from the court system. This type of insurance service, in which each insurance company whose smallest compensation could help their client, without knowing who is responsible for the mistake in the accident. A no-fault insurance policy is sometimes making a confusion to understand because there is some limit right to sue. The minimum amount of the damage is necessary to purse as a claim this all depends upon the country law. And this is different according to the country. If any passengers in your car also get a minor injury and they also have a car insurance policy from any company, then they are also getting some benefits from their insurance company if they approach their company for this. If even your passengers do not have any car insurance policy, then your insurance company will pay your passenger’s medical expense. These rules, they all are set in the regulation under the insurance ACT, this will help your insurance company to deal with the accident claim to provide to the client.  According to No-fault insurance limit usually, injuries that qualify the policy include:

  • Death
  • Disfigurement
  • Fractured Bones
  • Dismemberment
  • Loss of a fetus
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