5 Top Travel Destinations In India That Are Naturally-blessed


5 Best Travel Destinations in India

Are you planning to travel in India and want to explore best and beautiful places? Here I am updating 5 beautiful travel destinations in India where I was gone last year. The world also believe that India is one of the significant places that is must to explore once in your life. Why? Because, it has been geographically blessed. One of the countries that is an amalgamation of everything. Right from the geographic attributes to the political setup.

One cannot deny the fact that it is the oldest civilization of the world. Spending time to such gifted place can absolutely be the fortunate of life.

While you get to see a plethora of historic forts and monuments, you cannot miss the mesmerizing and breathtaking destinations that is like beautifully-painted canvas by God.

Whether you are a history buff, a nature and wildlife explorer, a family man who loves to take his family to outdoors or the wisdom-seeker, this place is the one-stop destination to offer each one of you with your respective requirements.

List of 5 Places/Cities where you can Travel In India



This pride of the Kerala-Kochi is holds a collective number of destinations to woo you. Think about Kochi? The first thing comes in mind is the lush green forestry bestowing rare flora and faunas in the world. Apart from this, a number of ancient churches are enough to keep you amazed.



Exploring Munnar of Kerala can be an amazing experience. The Munnar belongs to some of the scenic beauty of Kerala. This hill station is filled with beautiful landscapes and captivating mountains. So, wherever you belong to? You have to see this mind-boggling example of nature. Also, you can explore some of the popular destination of the place such as Eravikulam National Park which is famous for Nilgiri tahr.



The southern region of India is filled with wonder. One of them is definitely Kodaikanal which is something that will keep you mesmerized throughout your journey. Right from the historical monuments to ancient temples to natural beauty, Kodaikanal is a treat to the eyes.



Let others know that you are experiencing the “Gem of the World” whole roaming in the Pink City of India named Jaipur. One of the important cities of Rajasthan, it is known as the royal place of the country. Forts, monuments, well-trimmed gardens, and chilling around the sandy desert at night, living in Jaipur is like experiencing the heaven.

Havelock Island


The archipelago of India-The Andaman and Nicobar is some of the best things that happened to the world. The sandy sea, beautiful tropical forests, and those away-from-rush-world feeling is everything. One of the Islands of Andaman that ensures the same is Havelock Island. So, no matter how you have been dealing with the world, get yourself rejuvenated by visiting this tranquil place.


Another heaven from India. Gangtok truly deserves the title. This capital of Sikkim, is naturally blessed while the people of Gangtok have made it sure that you leave with mesmerizing experience. The Buddhist monastery, those huge mountains will excite you to explore your trekking skills.

So, what are you waiting for?

Exploring the world is everyone’s dream and India definitely tops the list of itinerary. Want guidance?there are several Indian travel sites that are equipped with detailed travel information. Check out, plan and get there!

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