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Skyper Movie star cast

Skyscraper Movies Review and Star Cast

Skyscraper movie released date is 1 July 2018 and directed by the man behind dodgeball if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball and Central Intelligence which also started the rock like this film. Which is about a father who goes to extreme lengths to get his family to safety when they are trapped in a burning building this building just so happens to be the tallest ever constructed he’s a security consultant that was hired to make sure it was safe for the public but a scheme arises with some evil people that set the building on fire and now they’re trapped inside and he has to try to figure out how to rescue them. When the trailer for this film Skyscraper movie Start cast debuted a lot of people compared it to the action classic die hard so many people in fact that the marketing team decided to embrace it creating a mock-up poster in the original fashion of diehard as well as the towering inferno and so you can go to this film and say well you know they’re embracing it because they released those posters and we’re supposed to accept the fact that this film is a gigantic derivative copycat of other films.

Skyper Movie collection

Skyscraper movie review that is far better and just turned our brains off right well I couldn’t I found this film terrible I really did there is barely an original idea in this entire picture this might sound like an exaggerated statement but I assure you it isn’t almost every single action scene in the film felt lifted from something else that did it better there’s a shot that is straight out of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and two entire sequences that feel just like that film so much. So, that when I saw with my buddy John he leaned over during the shot and was like Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and I leaned over and I was like yeah, I haven’t read any reviews yet but I can only assume based off of those mock-up posters that the studio felt they had to release to sort of calm the storm that was this movie.

Skyper Movie scene

Movie About

Skycrapers full movie collection I can only assume people are also making these comparisons and so I’m you’ve probably heard this before but this film really does feel like it’s a completely unoriginal mess, as usual, The Rock is probably the most entertaining aspect of this film but he has definitely been better before this is not one of his better films or one of his better performances although he isn’t bad in the movie. I’ve just seen him with more charisma his character is just father who wants his family back I don’t understand why a star of his number one of if not the highest-paid actor in Hollywood right now would take a role that’s so simple and watered-down in fact that’s kind of what he’s been doing lately he’s been making a lot of PG-13 films that people forget almost instantly is anyone talking about rampage anymore that came out this year and I fear this film will have a similar fate because there are 10 movies that are similar and all of them are better this is a 125 million dollar action film.

Skyscraper movie poster

Skycrapers full movie download from another website and I don’t understand why that kind of money has been thrown to a script that is so blatantly derivative of other material alright but for argument’s sake let’s just throw away the originality argument and focus on the film without comparing it to other films even when you do that the film has a very artificial movie studio green-screen glossy Sheen to it all it just doesn’t feel real I barely bought into a single thing that happened Skycrapers full movie  the action felt so censored bloodless the violence. Felt very weak it didn’t really feel like anything was happening the best part of the film was the opening scene which is very sad and very tragic but a lot of it has to do with the fact that I hadn’t seen the rest of the movie yet and so I was sort of invested still but that ended very quickly as far as the villains go I mean there’s so many and they’re ever-shifting it’s like one person will be bad then it’ll be okay and then maybe the other guy is not so great.  Another movie is also nearby by you have to check that film review also just click here.

Skyper Movie star cast

What’s Suspense

Skycrapers full movie download you’re not entirely sure what’s going on and twists and turns are fine and all but when your film doesn’t really have a presence that’s to be feared and I suppose the main villain of the movie is just like the lead mercenary and he’s just evil honestly this is the epitome of Hollywood watered-down forgettable action again I didn’t buy a single moment of the film I thought it was extremely fake looking and there are a billion other movies just like this one that is insanely better in every way I’m going to give skyscraper a d-plus but I do want to say a big thank you to Dollar Shave Club. They’ve been doing a sponsorship on my channel you can check out the link in the description below to learn more about their $5 daily essentials starter kit please do that it’s a fantastic deal thank you very much Dollar Shave Club let’s just say you had to take this plot this was the story the script could not be changed this was the movie that was to be made he had the budget you had the approval you could make this movie at least 10 times better by just making it rated R. I don’t understand why these movies have to be so like kid-friendly and like approved for the masses it’s there’s no there are no depths you know it didn’t feel like there was any grit to it could have been so much better with just that one simple choice maybe they wouldn’t have got as big of a budget but perhaps that could have been better because so many of the action sequences didn’t look real because they were relying on so much green screen technology that it just I didn’t really buy into it this movie was disappointing it could have been a lot better and even as like a turn your brain off action movie I couldn’t really get into it either because it just reminded me of a billion other things Wow I had a lot more to say about skyscraper than I expected guys thank you so much as always for coming to my website.


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