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Today we are going to give a quick review of the Steelbird SBH 17 terminator helmet as we understand how confusing is to choose the best helmet that looks cool and stylish with your sports bike without compromising safety and comfort. 

We have tried to cover the main features, specifications, material, customer experience, pros, and cons of this product. But before that let’s try to figure out why choosing the right helmet is important and what kind of issue you face when you get the wrong one.

The problem that riders face with ordinary helmet

The issue I have personally faced with an ordinary helmet is its fitting. It doesn’t get a perfect fit and often leaves a gap. Releasing the buckle, and adjusting the visor is itself a challenge. Some people may face suffocation due to lack of ventilation and as a result, it gives you an unpleasant biking experience. 

Let’s have a look at its main features that make it stand out from the crowd and how it solves the common issues of every bike lover.

Main features of Steelbird SBH 17 terminator helmet

# 1. Unique and cool visor with the uplifting mechanism

You get two different visors in the package: the clear visor and the smoke visor. And you can easily change them as per your requirement. Its visor is smartly designed with a polycarbonate anti-scratch coat that keeps its sexiness last long. 

It has a side button that uplifts the visor in just one click which is pretty cool, this automated system allows you to uplift the visor even when you are having a ride.

# 2. Detachable odor-free interior padding to maintain hygiene

It comes with removable interior pads for hygienic purposes. Its interior pads are washable as you can effortlessly remove them in three different parts. After washing or cleaning it you can re-attach it in just a few seconds.

# 3. Stylish and advanced ventilators

It comes with an advanced ventilation system: one on the top and the other two on the side. Airpass holes on the chin and crown area are adjustable. You can easily open or close it with just an easy push. People who feel suffocation in helmets can also relax and enjoy their ride. Vents are also essential to enjoy the long ride as they prevent sweating.

A quick specification

  • ISI approved helmet
  • Comes with an extra visor
  • Automatic visor uplifting mechanism in just one click
  • High-quality ABS material with high impact resistance
  • Smooth release micrometric European style buckle
  • Ultra-comfy padding and neck protector
  • Available in cool and muscular colors that perfectly go with your bike

No doubt the Steelbird SBH 17 terminator helmet is a sexy beast and ready to level up your rider look but the thing that impressed me the most is its “Aerodynamic inspired design” that smoothly cut the airflow, its changeable polycarbonate anti-scratch coated visor, and the high-quality graphics that add some extra charm on it. Its weight is around 1300g and comes with an ISI mark that assures its quality.

Let’s have a look at other features of the Steelbird SBH 17 terminator helmet

1. ABS material for high impact resistance

The structure of the shell is scientifically designed with ABS material which is an opaque thermoplastic that not only provides you comfort in cool and high temperatures but also makes it lightweight and maintains its high impact resistance. 

The high-quality thermoplastic material ensures your safety as it is commonly used for manufacturing helmets and other types of safety gear as well.

2. Quick release micrometric buckle

The quick-release micrometric buckle is super easy to use and gives you a hassle-free experience in just one click.

3. Suitable for regular use even if you are not a racer

Even though this Steelbird SBH 17 terminator robot helmet is specially designed for sports bikes, you can still use it comfortably for daily use as it comes in a sturdy design that gives you an awesome experience each time you ride your bike.


  • Sharp and sexy design with a sturdy look
  • Comes with breathable padding and a cool ventilation system
  • Automatic visor uplifting mechanism in just one click
  • Detachable padding makes it easy to clean
  • Odorless mouth guard
  • Comes with an extra visor


  • It Creates loud sounds while riding due to the ventilators
  • No chin padding
  • Not good for raining season 
  • Poor packaging


There are lots of racer helmets that come with this same feature but they are slightly expensive in comparison to this one. If you are looking for a budget-friendly racer helmet (between 1900-2200/- Rs) with the same features then Steelbird SBH 17 terminator helmet may be the best option for you… hope it helps!!



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