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She weighed 60 pounds – After a 5-year-long battle with anorexia this is what she looks like today

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Incredible! For 5 years this woman ate only one slice of bread a day and weighed only 59 pounds. But this is what she looks like today, she’s totally transformed.

Anorexia is a serious eating disorder that inhibits the individual afflicted by it from consuming food due to a deep-rooted apprehension of weight gain, distorted body image, and an intense longing to maintain a slim figure.

Individuals with anorexia often exhibit a significantly low body weight, yet they perceive themselves as overweight and struggle to regain control over their eating patterns, which are often restricted to minimal amounts.

At the age of 15, Annie Windley, a resident of Woolley Moor, was diagnosed with anorexia, a condition she battled for six arduous years. During her most severe episode, Annie’s weight plummeted to a mere 60 pounds, posing a grave threat to her survival.

While attending Monkton Combe boarding school in Bath, Annie’s eating disorder spiraled out of control. She began to avoid certain food groups, such as carbohydrates, meat, and dairy, and resorted to counting calories meticulously. Whenever it was time for her to eat, Annie was gripped by fear, a struggle that persisted for approximately six years before she decided to turn her life around for the better.

Recalling the severity of her condition, Annie described, “My situation had worsened to such an extent that I was once forcibly committed and would scream and pound my head against the wall, desperate to escape the presence of food.

“The medical professionals even warned me that my diminutive size placed me in imminent danger of a heart attack. I was so frail that I could hardly stay upright without fainting, and upon reviewing photos of myself from that time, I was appalled at how emaciated and alarming I appeared. Yet, my insatiable yearning to become even tinier persisted with each passing day.”

Rewritten: How a piece of Lindt chocolate helped a young woman overcome anorexia

After initially being hesitant, Annie forced herself to try a piece of chocolate and was surprised to find that it did not affect her weight. This small victory was the catalyst for her to start improving her relationship with food, one meal at a time.

Reflecting on that moment, she said, “It was crazy to think by eating one part of chocolate I’d instantly gain weight but that day was when I realized eating was not as frightening as I’d made it out to be.”

Today, Annie uses her own journey of overcoming anorexia to inspire and help others who may be going through similar struggles. She shares her story on her Instagram account, where she has gained a following of around 12,000 people. She credits her friends and family for helping her through her darkest moments and is proud of the progress she has made in reclaiming her health and wellbeing. Looking at her current pictures, it is evident that she is now healthier and more beautiful than ever.

“I have a boyfriend and new friends now who have helped me, so I am not as lonely as I used to be.

“People think it’s about attention-seeking, but it’s not. It’s hard to explain what you’re going through to someone who does not understand.”

Annie’s victory over anorexia is truly inspiring, and we are glad that she was able to overcome her struggles.

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