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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Full Specifications and Review

Gadget makers have been saying for a while now that tablets are in fact the future of computing but I’m not really sure about that it hasn’t felt like that mostly because tablet software interfaces haven’t really felt like they could give you the productivity the ability to get things done. The way you could experience from say a traditional laptop or a notebook with this is the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and that actually might change things this is a standard Android tablet running Android 8.1 Oreo. But it does bring the interface that Samsung pioneered with the Galaxy S8 and S9 right onto the device so you don’t need a doc you don’t need to hook this up to your external display although you can and actually use the tablet as a second display at the same time. But regardless if you just want to use this as a machine for productivity you’re actually going to be able to do that in a way that feels way more valuable than really anything else I’ve experienced but first let’s take a quick look at the basics this is a 10.5 inch Super AMOLED display it’s actually really nice to look at and the bezels around the sides have shrunk pretty considerably compared to the Galaxy Tab 3. We got last year this runs a Snapdragon 805 chipset with 4 gigabytes of RAM and I know what you’re thinking that doesn’t sound amazing this is a pretty definitively last year chipset that said Samsung says you’re going to be able to run up to 20 apps at the same time with not a huge dip in performance.


Performance and Display

I haven’t gotten there yet mostly because they haven’t found 20 apps worth opening honestly yet but the 10 or 11 I have going right now seem to run very well I’ve been jumping in and out of and resizing windows punching in text and kind of playing with everything trying to stymie this thing basically. And it has resisted my attempt so far so frankly kudos to Samsung on that one I don’t think the chipset was ever going to be the issue I don’t think she’d get hung up on the fact that this is last year’s silicon it’s the software that feels much more valuable now and that really does go a long way in making this feel capable and again this is the desktop experience. So unlike something like an iPad Pro for instance which I actually used very regularly you have an interface that feels very much like a traditional PC so you can drag and drop between apps you can resize windows multitasking runs much better on this Android tablet than maybe any other non-windows tablet I have ever used which is frankly kind of a big deal I’ve loved the idea that being able to leave a computer at home and just travel with something like something that does have an LTE connection.


Which this will get in the form of an LTE very later in the year but this feels like it could be the ultra-portable device that I’ve always been looking for it does also come with the S Pen which is a first you are getting one for free in the box which is really nice and that’s also really great because Samsung has brought some of its more interesting S Pen features to the tab s4 so you can highlight text to translate you can access shortcuts by Air Command. Which is pretty standard stuff for the note line you can also create live messages which you might remember from the Galaxy Note 8 basically you can take a photo doodle all over it and have those doodles sort of animate themselves and you can say that as a gift to send to people via text what else does it going on here this is a 64 Gigabyte model although you can get some more storage is a micro SD card slot as well and around the device.


Battery life and Hardware

You’ll see a set of AKG tune speakers which sound fine I don’t love them so far granted we’re in a pretty weird space right now the screen is fantastic but the speakers could use a little bit of work in particular with Adobe at most mode engaged I am getting a pretty distinct lack of bass very. So, there’s not a lot of thing which is something that really matters to me and presumably for some of you as well so that’s definitely something to keep in mind this is, after all, a six hundred and fifty dollar tablet the hardware is pretty solid I’m actually quite a fan of it so far but like I said the real standout here is the software the ability to kind of work with an interface. That takes a default Android and makes it infinitely more functional when you want to just sit down and get stuff done I could see myself writing stories on this I could see myself editing photos on this especially with the S-pen this is the best attempt I’ve seen so far to bring PC life functionality to a tablet. And I’m really looking forward to playing with this thing more so stay tuned for more nuanced thoughts our full story and a whole lot more about the tab and everything else in general from gadgets.


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