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Pizza delivery guy breaks down after being given huge tip

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Back in 2015, a delivery man for a Pizza joint was brought to tears after he received a huge tip while making a stop at Life Point Church in Ohio. The delivery man, Jeff Louis, received a tip of $700 and shared a clip on YouTube, where he described how he was called to the stage before a crowd and then given this enormous sum of cash by the congregation.

The young man, who worked for a Gionino’s shop, mentioned that he was quite emotional because he had been dealing with finances- claiming that he would now be getting absolutely clean. He stated, “It just really truly amazes me that people who don’t even know me just wanted to help me out that much.” As it turns out, Ken Wright- the pastor of Church- went on to admit that he hadn’t actually expected Louis to be given so much money. Speaking to WKYC, he mentioned, “I just thought, ‘Let’s tip him $100. It’s the holiday season.’”

Young Delivery Man In Ohio Received $700 As Huge Tip
Interestingly, very few people knew about Louis’s struggle with drug addiction, as well as the current rehabilitation procedure. In the YouTube video, one could also hear him thanking people who gave him that huge tip- as well as swearing to turn a new leaf- with a shaky voice. He said, “Trying to make a living has been challenging for me lately. The fact that strangers wanted to help me at all costs astounds me.”

This gift that Louis received was quite similar to another story that took place in 2021, where a delivery man from Pizza Hut received a car as a tip. Robert Peters, the delivery man from Indiana, could not control his surprise when he saw what fate had in store for him. “I couldn’t believe it, it’s almost like it’s surreal. There were people in my family that were like, ‘Maybe you should consider something little more financially stable.’ But it’s my purpose in life- trying to make people happy. You know, when you’re delivering to somebody, you may be the only face they see all day.”

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