Nike RN FlyKnit 2018 Model review by Review Planet

Nike RN FlyKnit 2018 Model review by Review Planet

Hello, guys today we going to be a review about New Nike RN FlyKnit 2018 Model this is good for running or not good for running and this shoe is comfortable for you or not this such kind of topic we cover in this review and give you our suggestion and opinion depends on the products.

Some Specification and Quality of Nike RN FlyKnit 


Made for short runs when you want a barefoot-like feel, the Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 Men’s Running Shoe is the lightest in the Free RN family. Its sock-like upper has more stretch yarns than previous versions, so it hugs your feet more than ever. The innovative sole has an updated construction, yet still expands and contracts with every movement. The packable design makes the shoe easy to stuff into your bag—so you can get in a few miles on the fly.

Better Fit

This version of Flyknit has added stretch yarns for an even more snug, foot-hugging fit, especially in the heel. The upper is easy to collapse, so you can quickly slide the shoe into your tote or backpack.


Inspired by the Flyknit Racer, the Flyknit design features more open knit on the sides. This lets air flow freely to help keep your feet cool.

All-Natural Movement

The soft, lightweight sole mimics your foot’s natural movement through its innovative pattern. It expands and contracts with every landing and push-off. This provides a natural feel and a barefoot-like sensation, kind of like an extension of your foot.

What’s new in this Nike New Shoes?

Nike’s Expert is always tried to give better shoes from the previous one. And now Nike Brand New Shoes is here for you Nike Free RN FlyKnit 2018 Model. This shoe is very comfortable and this perfect for short runs. Very light in weight is make this shoe more reliable and make them best for runs. And the design of the shoes just makes a packable design which is very easy to bring that in the bag when you are going somewhere. And this is design with an advanced and innovative sole, which is expanding and contracts with every step.

Nike RN FlyKnit HD ImagesIs this shoe Perfect for your daily Run?

So, first we up with the general things we cover with this shoes Nike’s trying to give you better running shoes but this, not a good running shoe out there. My point is that with this shoe you are not going to be able to a ton of running. Because this is not full running shoe. We can say that this is half running shoe and half casual shoe. But this also a plus point who really wants a shoe like this just like me I’m going to wear this shoe in the office and this is also half running shoe as I told you that you can use this shoe for short run. They are a great walking shoe when you are walking they are very comfortable and this is design for making you feel cool mean this is open knit on the sides for breathing and this makes you cool and this lets air flow freely to help keep your feet cool. Actually, this is a neutral shoe this does not need any correction so there is no need to tell about any inward and outward in any direction. This is standard shoes that are sort of flat there they really don’t have an arch have somewhat of an arch if you really want a pronounced arch you are going to want third-party insoles and you can’t actually remove them so you can get your own and you can have a little bit more of an arch. The best this is you can wear this shoe with or without socks and you feel better and comfortable ion both condition. This shoe is perfect when you are not wearing socks because this is design like the very soft outer cover and with is make feel comfortable even when you are wearing this is shoes without socks. This Shoe is built with a Breathability so this shoe fits you very perfectly even you have wider feet and narrow feet because this shoe going to be expanding as your feet and contracts fit with your foot. This shoe is really breathable you can literally see through the shoe. This shoe is really made for the summertime because in the casual shoes your toes freeze off but if you have this shoe you don’t need to worry about it.



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