2018 iPad Pro X Leak and Concept

Hey guys this is Ankit from Review Planet it’s been a while since we talked to iPad and iPad Pro x concept 2018 I have a very exciting 2018 iPad pro update for you today so we’re going to be talking about everything from the latest leaks and rumors I also wanted to show you some beautiful concepts both ours and from other designer’s hardware and software there’s a very stunning iOS 12 Concept on the new iPad by a very talented artist. I’ll be showing you as well so basically in iPad Pro x concept 2018 one video everything that’s going on and everything we know about the upcoming iPads later this year now yes, they are still happening even though they’ve kind of been me I am hasn’t said a thing about the new iPad coming this year originally it was believed that Apple would be unveiling new iPads at the education event in March that never happened and then June at WWDC that again never happened so now it’s been pushed back to September. That’s likely when Apple will be announcing them next to the new iPhones and a new report published by Ming Chico basically says yes, the iPads are still coming even though Apple has announced them yet they will still come in the second iPad Pro x concept 2018 half of 2018.

So I’m guessing likely September announcements with an October November release day something like that and real quick guys a word from the sponsor of this video swag bucks if you haven’t heard of them you can actually earn some side income in a great way just doing some surveys playing some games watching some videos or even doing some shopping through them throughout the day you know your brief moments it’s really easy to sign up there will be a link down below in the description with a $5 signup bonus check it out guys. Thank you to swag bucks for sponsoring this video lately there hasn’t been a lot of talk about the new iPads but Iowa’s 12 has made huge iPad Pro x concept 2018 waves in what the iPad will be and what it’s hinting out later this year if you guys didn’t know I was 12 completely revamp the interface on the iPad and it’s a major Easter egg of what’s to come so based on this there have been a lot of new concepts both software and hardware. I was included so I wanted to show you ours first basically we took a design inspired by the new 6.1-inch iPhone which has been leaked in all of its glory and I thought hey that’s something that Apple’s probably iPad Pro x concept 2018 going to do they’re going to give it a very similar camera on the back it’s very likely that they could bring the Microphone over that’s just my opinion they kind of tie it in together but maybe they believe it in the middle.


Release date

The most recent iPad Pros were announced at WWDC on 4 June 2018. I don’t know so I kind of gave it that design with the new 6.1 inch lens iPad Pro x concept 2018 it’s got the flash beneath it and we rendered it up in a glass back although Apple will like not do that imagine breaking the glass on your iPad which could probably happen very often and very easily so yeah that’s probably not going to happen we did also render it up with an aluminum back as well and it looks pretty dang good just that one takes so long to render you guys have no idea. I mean we could not show it to you in every scene but the glass back still gives you a little bit iPad Pro x concept 2018 of insight looks pretty good and I do think there would be about three colors we’d get the new gold from the iPhone 8 the Space Gray and the silver and they all look iPad Pro x review 2018 very good. Apple would be simplifying the color lineup and give you those three choices next to each other personally I would probably choose a Space Gray or the new gold color that’d be cool but there has been no official word on what the colors could be also we rounded the edges gave it more of an iPhone 10 look because iPad Pro x concept 2018 it was earlier rumored that the new iPad would be inspired design-wise by the iPhone 10 they’d be adopting the design elements over to the iPad.

I definitely think it’ll be more rounded it’ll be very sleek and of course we’ve got that huge display on the front you have more surface area and this would likely be near 12 inches for the display it would be the same size same real estate just have more screen on the front I mean it’d basically be all screen. I think this is the breaking point between iPad Pro X concept 2018 comfort and futuristic looks if iPad Pro x review 2018 Apple pushed for an all screen display which no doubt in my mind it probably could have done there would just be no room to grip the iPad on the side so with those bezels that you’re seeing is probably the breaking point between comfort and again futuristic design.


Display and Design

This iPad is having a great display design and good quality of the Display. I think it looks fantastic this is going to be unlike any tablet on the market right now just how sleek it will be and how good it’ll look so yeah that’s our latest design and the screenshots iPad Pro x concept 2018 you’re seeing are from Alvaro pub SEO and believe that’s how you say it he is got some stunning work on Bedance. I’ll leave a link down below in a description he’s actually iPad pro x screen size 2018 published a new concept I was 12 running on the new iPad and before I jump into that concept I wanted to talk about Iowa’s 12 on the iPad basically what inspired that concept and where Apple is moving  iPad Pro x review 2018 forward to on the iPad if any of you guys have updated to Iowa’s 12 on your iPad you know it’s quite a transformative experience it completely changes the way you use your iPad it is just like an iPhone 10, for example, you slide up from the bottom to get to the app switcher. Which is nothing but it’s been separated from the control centre the control centre is now found on the top right just like the iPhone 10? Whatever reason they want to make it a very similar experience and with that very similar experience I can have a very similar setup hardware-wise you know have all screen on the iPad pro x screen size 2018 front no home iPad Pro x concept 2018 button and the fact that you can use this now without a whole but completely you can swipe between apps very easily just jump in between them like this it works so smoothly so well so it really begs the question why Apple would keep the home button. They wouldn’t iPad Pro x review 2018 you know it would remove it and I solved really hints and predicts what I was going to do with the iPad so on the left here you do have the status bar from the iPhone 10 you’ve got iPad pro x screen size 2018 the signals and stuff on the top right so this is basically the iPhone 10 embodiment in an iPad so Alvaro’s concept builds off of this and it really gives you an insight into what Apple could do on the iPad in iOS 12 possibly.



This is going it be $799 release on 4th June 2018. When they release it and he starts with the lock screen he believes that the lock screen will be inspired new iPad pro 2018 by the iPhone 10 it’ll have the toggles on left and right and it works so well here and of course since you won’t need that home button you’ll just have the gesture same as the iPhone 10 it looks beautiful. I think it would totally work here on the inside you have a slightly redesigned multitasking pane there are new widgets in there the actual interface for using apps on the side such iPad Pro x review 2018 as new iPad pro 2018 calculator which 8 years later after the release of the iPad is non-existent but here it is and it would work so well you can multitask quickly between pages have a calculator right there when you’re doing work it looks beautiful. I totally want Apple to do something iPad pro x screen size 2018 like this so we rendered it up in our concept as well and it just seems natural it seems like Apple has already made this and this guy just reposting it but it’s beautiful concepts go check it out if you haven’t of course the envisions that the display will be growing as well eleven points nine inches basically the same amount of surface area just more screen on the iPad. It’ll have that slim bezel going around it he says it’ll have Face ID as well and by the way in our concept we didn’t create a notch even though I was 12 iPad Pro X review 2018 kinds of hints that new iPad pro 2018 there will be one because they separated a status bar into two areas. There’s this big blank spot here so might be a notch but we believe there won’t be there’s a lot of room up to an iPad so it won’t need to have one also he talks about face ID iPad pro x screen size 2018 Gen 2 and it would basically allow you to have more range between your face so you wouldn’t have to bring the iPad up right here.

Bigger Screen-Size

This pad is consisting of a big screen size to reduce the bad quality of the display. You can hold it further away from you could do it in landscape as well and since this is a device that’s likely to be shared he envisions that it could be shared between new iPad pro 2018 four people he can register four faces to unlock it that would be quite cool and he has a beautiful concept with the camera a redesigned camera app specifically for the iPad currently. This one just doesn’t cut it so well I mean it could definitely be reworked made to look a little bit better and he does a very good job of that also on the back he envisions it’ll have a dual lens camera I personally don’t see Apple doing that just yet but who knows they may surprise us there iPad Pro x review 2018 just hasn’t been any leaks or rumors regarding that we rendered that up earlier one that looks just like the iPhone 10 and it looks pretty good just seems out of place on an iPad maybe next generation but that’s just a guess. Maybe this one who knows and since we’re on the topic of concepts here’s the latest one from Apple eye designer he shared his latest one this is just like ours I mean we took inspiration from it to build ours he’s got different variations here glass back and solid metal back and both look beautiful they look just like an iPhone eight in the color Department very natural something that Apple would do I believe.

It’s just a very all-around good-looking concept so go give Apple eye designer a follow he has iPad pro x rumors 2018 some very great stuff and although there hasn’t been much buzz regarding new rumors or features coming to the iPad for some reason iPad Pro x review 2018 the iPad ones are really hushing we learn a lot more about the new iPhones than iPads it’s like. I don’t know why I don’t know why that is it’s interesting but in the past we’ve heard a lot about them and to summarize yes many different sources first off Ning Chico he’s saying it’ll have a slimmer bezel all around no home bond it will have face ID probably the same generation as the one currently on the iPhone and Bloomberg actually had a very similar reports they said the Apple would be revamping the iPads in 2018 completely more screen less bezel no home button face ID basically the same thing as Ming Chico so many sources are combining to say the iPad pro x Rumors 2018 very same things.


Concept illustrations

Apple will most likely be revamping them come to September now personally I had a thought since it will have a home button Apple will most likely include the tap to wake system from the iPhone it just makes sense why would you go up to iPad Pro x review 2018 iPad pro x rumors 2018 press the power button every time that get annoying so tapped awake will most likely be a standard feature and there have been rumors regarding the Apple 11x chip which is supposed to be a seven in a meter process the first time. Apple’s ever gone to that and same thing with the earlier iPad pros they went to ten any bitter first before the new iPhone 10 so they would basically bring the advancements to the iPad first and then bring it to the upcoming iPhone it’ll be the most powerful processor Apple has ever made possibly eight core with three high-end cores and five iPad Pro x review 2018 efficiency cores this thing is going to be an absolute beast Apple’s most powerful handheld device to date I can’t wait seriously. I’ve never even taken advantage of the power of this thing but for some reason I just need more power iPad pro x rumors 2018 and regarding displays everybody’s pointing to LCD sticking around for another year on the iPad and for the foreseeable future Apple wasn’t able to get the yield rates on OLED high enough on the iPad. They couldn’t scale it would be very bad to have a shortage on the iPads so they’re sticking LCD really, I don’t believe you need a light on this thing just yet but it’s eventually where it’s going to go there’s been a lot of talk about an Apple pencil 2nd generation and possibly it’ll be exclusive to the new iPads. You might have a finer tip and a new display technology to go alongside that possibly iPad pro x rumors 2018 more sensors in it so you’ll be able to do more things with it lots of possibilities with that and a lot of software-based stuff iPad Pro x review 2018 that Apple could incorporate with a new Apple pencil so that could be accompanying in your iPad later this year and that’s basically everything we know lots of great concepts but not too many leaks on it we know it’s coming without a doubt. It’ll have Face ID it’ll have that new display less bezel no home button much like an iPhone I think it’ll be a very exciting updates personally I use my iPad almost every single date such a great device and for Apple to update it be like an iPhone 10 it will be a very expensive device but also something that’s going to look so futuristic and iPad pro x rumors 2018 hopefully the software can catch up get a little bit more advanced but so far I like what I’m seeing and I was 12 so I’m very excited for it let me know what you guys think down below but it is coming without an iPad Pro x review 2018 doubt so that’s everything we know about the upcoming iPads if there’s any leaks or news I will keep you guys updated.


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