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Mom leaves ‘baby’ in car while she shops at Target – promises others that he’s OK

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She left a note in the car window telling people her baby was in the car while she went shopping in Target. But when folks got a closer look inside the vehicle, the controversial truth came to light…

The power of something going viral online has never been greater than it is today. A single post or action can quickly capture the attention of the masses, and inevitably, there will always be people who criticize and judge the decisions made.

Influencer Bonnie Engle recently posted a reel on her Instagram that drew attention for all the “wrong” reasons. She shared a video of her car displaying a sign that read, “My baby is OK. He has his snacks and a drink! I’m in Target. Be back soon!”

Many were quick to judge her parenting before even watching the entire video, but the footage takes a completely different turn and is quite hilarious, to say the least.

Credit / Instagram – Bonnie_Engle

It turns out that Engle isn’t a bad mother, but rather a wife who enjoys pranking her husband. The “baby” in question is, in fact, her hubby, who is sitting inside the car and enjoying snacks while she runs errands at Target.

“Please no judgment. He is safe & well,” Engle captioned her reel.

There were many people who found her clip funny so they took their time to comment on it.

“My heart dropped and then I LMAO,” one wrote.

“It’s so much easier to leave them in the car,” another person said.

“For a second I was about to get really upset … I was not expecting that,” a third added.

Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think.

The reality is that despite the comedic nature of this video, it serves as a reminder of the daily challenges parents face. It also highlights the importance of never leaving children or pets unattended in a vehicle.

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