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Madonna Ill & Bedridden After Secretly Battling Month-Long Fever Before Emergency Hospitalization!

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The more we hear about Madonna, the more worried we get!

As we’ve been following, the mega superstar was hospitalized on Saturday after being found unconscious in New York City. Page Six reported that she was intubated for at least one night and needed to be in the intensive care unit for several more days before being transferred to a regular room in the hospital, where her daughter Lourdes Leon was by her side. She is currently “back home,” per People, but perhaps not feeling as good as some sources have let on…

A TMZ insider warned the Material Girl vocalist is not out of the woods just yet. On Thursday, the confidants, with direct knowledge of the health situation, told the outlet the 64-year-old has been vomiting uncontrollably since being discharged from the medical facility. This means the “serious bacterial infection” that she is suffering from is still wreaking havoc on her body. Oh, no…

Things are so bad, Madonna is reportedly too sick to get out of her bed. So, while it’s a good sign that she’s now in her NYC apartment instead of the hospital, she still has a long road to recovery ahead of her.

So what happened? According to the sources, she was taken to the hospital metaphorically “kicking and screaming” after she collapsed last Saturday while her assistant was with her. That’s also when the vomiting began. While she didn’t want to go to the hospital because she has been so busy preparing for her new tour, those around her insisted she get help — and it’s a good thing they finally did!

Per other TMZ sources, Madonna has been battling a fever for A MONTH! Apparently, the Like A Prayer artist had been experiencing a low-grade high temperature for several weeks before she ultimately collapsed. Yikes! The outlet claimed she kept the illness a secret from those around her, ignored her symptoms, and refused to see a doctor because she was laser-focused on work and didn’t want anything to get in the way of her tour. Her docs believe the fever was a sign of the infection, which worsened as it was left untreated. It also doesn’t help that she was pushing herself to the limit.

While her manager, Guy Oseary, originally announced the Celebration tour start date of July 15 would be pushed back due to her health, TMZ sources said there has been no final decision made by her manager or agent at this time. This is partly because Madonna wants to go on as planned, but everyone around her is urging her to take the necessary time to recover. Should she start working before she is fully healed, the infection could get worse, so rest should be a priority! Especially knowing how grueling the tour is!

A Page Six insider revealed she “doesn’t want to cancel her tour,” which has caused her to be “strenuously rehearsing” and “putting in 12-hour days” at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum for many weeks. That said, an insider for People revealed on Thursday afternoon that Madonna is committed to her health:

“She’s feeling better and following doctor’s orders and resting.”

Good to hear!

Her sons, Rocco Ritchie, 22, and David Banda, 17, were both photographed arriving at her Upper East Side residence Wednesday night after she was transported to her home via a private ambulance and police escort, CNN and Page Six revealed. We’re just glad she’ll have some of her kids around her and hopefully the infection heals quickly!

Sending you all the love, Queen!!

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