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Little girl poses with Clydesdale but the photo turns out to be the ultimate photobomb

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Dad snaps a photo of his little girl, but when the camera zooms out and he looks closer, he can’t stop laughing…

It’s always a delight to come across those amusing and entertaining pictures where someone or something unintentionally intrudes into the frame, and such “photobombs” never seem to get old. Let’s face it, among all the types of photobombs out there, the ones featuring animals are undoubtedly the most entertaining and enjoyable, wouldn’t you say?

There’s no denying that the internet is full of captivating and delightful photos that capture unexpected moments, and one such image that took the online world by storm originated on Reddit. It was posted by a now-deleted account, but luckily Time Magazine was swift to share it again when it resurfaced on Facebook, shared by an individual with the username The Wolf 101.5 FM. Although no details were provided about the photo’s origin or date, its popularity was evident, and it quickly became a hit.

This well-known photograph, which BuzzFeed crowned as the best photobomb of 2016, showcases a beautiful Clydesdale horse and a young girl. The precise details of the shot are unknown, but its charm and appeal have clearly resonated with people worldwide.

Source: Facebook/ The Wolf 101.5 FM

Clydesdale horses are renowned for their stunning grace and beauty, and they’ve been featured prominently in Budweiser advertisements and promotions over the years.

In this particular case, a young girl was posing for a photo alongside a Clydesdale, and the horse’s enormous smile resulted in one of the most remarkable photobombs ever captured.

The photo quickly gained widespread attention and generated thousands of comments, as people were enchanted by the animal’s playful and spontaneous behavior.

Source: Facebook/ The Wolf 101.5 FM

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