Founder Auto Insurance

Is Founders Insurance the right place to invest your precious money?

I already have discussed many Different companies of the insurance. Like the most company this also begins in about 1900, Founder insurance company is starting with $100,000 of the capitals, and there are three employees on that time, and there were a small number of the Illinois merchants, farmers, and homeowners who need to purchased their fire insurance policy. As our research team, many companies start with the fire insurance services at the starting. Founder insurance company has a different name on the beginning time was “Mutual Fire Insurance Company”. In the 1960s, the leader of this company was Marvin E. Pritikin, and he is decided to merged Mutual Fire Insurance Company with Founders Mutual Insurance Company. Founders Mutual Insurance Company is just writing the fire coverage for the foundry workers, and this is converted it to a stock company under the name of Illinois founder insurance company. In 1968s when Martin Luther was the king at that time, many people lost their homes in Chicago, so they decided to begin this company to write Liquor Liability coverage. I have discussed another insurance company in the previous article¬†you check here.

Why is Founder insurance
different from others?


Great Financial

The main thing is

Willingness to expand and develop new niche product for consumers

Advanced technology

An energetic agent with
Knowing the 20 different languages

Dedication to the
Independent agents

Superior and instant
Responsive billing and claim services

Polite and emphasis and
he friendly relationship with customers.

The product provides by the Founders insurance: –

  1. Personal Auto
  2. Renters
  3. Homeowners
  4. Liquor Liability
  5. Commercial Auto

Personal Auto Insurance by Founders Insurance Company: –

Founder Auto insurance is always trying to focus on both standard and non-standard levels of the coverage. Founder auto insurance program offers you both coverage level but, their main focus is on the non-standard market. Their auto insurance policies are available in Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois. As the term of the non-standard insurer, Founder auto insurance is making a coverage with the proper flexibility payment which means there is no other credit is required. The founder auto insurance also writes Non-owner option. Any bad situation is very stressful as we know that but dealing with the insurance company too dangerous. So, before dealing with any insurance company, you have to take the whole background knowledge about that company. But in this case, with Founder insurance groups this is safe to you because Founder insurance company is getting the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The main thing is the consumers get the affordable price option including monthly plans with low down payment, this is possible by they have the flexible underwriting and competitive price allows you.

Founder Auto insurance Program: –

  • No need for prior insurance
  • There is no credit check
  • Customize coverage option
  • Foreign/international licenses accepted
  • Anterior losses acceptable


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