Donegal Insurance group

Donegal Insurance group summary and review

Donegal insurance group old name was Conoy Fire Insurance Company, and it was established in Mariette, Pennsylvania in 1889. Donegal Insurance company is ancient as I already told you that and the old name Conoy Mutual fire insurance became Donegal Mutual Insurance company in 1949. At that time this is the company is only providing you fire insurance services, but when the name was changed in 1949 after that in 1950, this company is also offering the auto insurance as well. To increase their network Donegal insurance company is starting purchasing other insurance companies to extend into several states including Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. And similarly, this is covering many different countries and extend their services in too many other states, and now this offers you many products. Thus, Donegal insurance company this time has a big network and also provide the many services indulging personal insurance and Commercial insurance services as well. And if you need to compare this one to another insurance services you can click right here.

All product of Donegal Insurance Groups Including: –

  • Personal Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Farm Insurance
  • Title Insurance

1. Personal Insurance:

With Donegal insurance groups you will get private insurance and commercial insurance as well. In personal protection by Donegal insurance groups it will cover your financial security and family for events as like severe illness or injury, sometimes there is the loss of ability to earn and total and permanent disablement even death in this case you have to need personal insurance. With special protection by the Donegal insurance group, you can maintain your way of living with financial support.

Personal Insurance is split into the following part: –

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Dwelling Fire Insurance
  • Boatowners Insurance
  • Private Umbrella Liability Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance

(a) Homeowners Insurance: –

Donegal is start everything as a fire insurance company and so on after a while by the tradition and people’s requirement this is also start offering full coverage homeowner’s insurance policies, and this is providing you with the expense of repair and replacement of your property. With Donegal insurance company liabilities protection and personal properties coverage is also available on in your budget.

Donegal Homeowners Insurance Policies provide the following protection for your home including:

  1. It will give the Personal liability expenses when an accident cause injury as this is described in your policies.
  2. when somebody gets injury accidentally on your properties, in this case, medical payment of that person is paid by the Donegal homeowners’ insurance.
  3. If you have garage, storerooms and other building on your properties, this is also protected by homeowner’s insurance.
  4. if you are suffering from the covered loss on that time this is paid you additional living expense to you.
  5. personal possessions and the household on your property, anywhere in the world you are.

The Donegal Insurance group of companies includes:

  • Southern Insurance Company of Virginia
  • Southern Mutual Insurance Company
  • Le Mars Insurance Company
  • Peninsula Indemnity Company
  • Sheboygan Falls Insurance Company
  • Donegal Mutual Insurance Company
  • Atlantic States Insurance Company
  • Michigan Insurance Company
  • The Peninsula Insurance Company

(b) Donegal automobile insurance

Donegal automobile insurance provides coverage for your bodily injury and property damage liabilities to others, and other best coverage which is very useful to your vehicle. Donegal insurance is written the beneficial and right coverage which is under your budget.

Some extra features are also here for you including:

  • Excellent Driver Discount
  • Brilliant Student Discount
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • High thresholds for chargeable accidents

Donegal Automobile Insurance

Property Damage Liability

In this option of property damage liabilities coverage, it is
protecting you when an automobile accident occurs, and this will damage your
property. This will also cover the legal defence costs associated with this


Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage is providing you with the protection against when an
automobile accident occurs, and you injure some other person like the
pedestrian or any other passengers so, in this case, the bodily injury
liabilities is work here. It also covers legal defence costs associated with
these claims.


Uninsured and/or Underinsured Motorist

In this coverage, if you and anyone in your family are getting
in the accident by any other people may be uninsured or underinsured people,
in this case, the Donegal insurance groups give the cost of the medical



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