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Candace Cameron Bure under fire for ‘lying’ – actress snaps and calls claims ‘ridiculous’

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People are convinced they have caught Candace Cameron Bure in a lie… but the actress has had enough and finally responded to the ‘ridiculous’ accusations against her…

Candace Cameron Bure, whose career started during her teenage years, has spoken openly of her eating habits and disorders, as well as how her relationship with food has affected her life.

Most recently, she shared with her fans that she hasn’t eaten fast food in the last 20 years, apart from In-N-Out. The Instagram story she shared read: “I haven’t eaten fast food except for In-N-Out in 20 years. Some days I wonder what a burger and fries is like from McDonald’s or Burger King or Wendy’s or any of those other places I’ve never eaten at. Today is that day. Am I going to find out? No.

“And no, I’ve never had Taco Bell or anything similar,” the actress added. “I don’t regret it. You can’t convince me otherwise.”


Following the post, fans were quick to ‘do their homework’ and check if the actress was telling the truth, and based on an old photo of her, she wasn’t. Namely, they unearthed a photo of Bure showing her holding a Chick-Fil-A cup with one of her sons. The photo, which was taken back in 2012 was captioned: “We love chikin!”

This made Bure take a stand and confront those who attacked her, and she did that through her spokesperson. “Candace told me that she drove her son to get food at Chick-fil-A and she only ordered an iced tea for herself,” the spokesperson said, adding that the accusations of Bure lying about not having eaten fast food in the last two decades were ‘ridiculous.’ “Candace is only holding a cup,” her spokesperson further added.


In her book Reshaping It All, from 2010, Bure opened up about her eating disorder. In a 2016 interview, Bure shared with ET: “I knew I had a problem but again, it’s like being on a runaway train and you wanna get off but you don’t know how to get off.” Further, the Full House star noted, “I kind of lost my identity in a sense and what happened was I turned to food for comfort when my husband was traveling and when I was alone. I had a very unhealthy relationship with food that turned into bulimia. I dealt with it for several years but it wasn’t about body image and trying to feel good — It was about trying to find comfort or fill voids within myself.”


Bure, who is a mother of three, wants her children to be aware of the importance of healthy eating and fitness.

What do you think of Bure’s statement that she hasn’t had any fast food in that many years?

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One thought on “Candace Cameron Bure under fire for ‘lying’ – actress snaps and calls claims ‘ridiculous’

  1. I believe Candace about the fast food restaurants and not eating there food. When you struggle with your weight these are the worst places to eat something. Candace is a very beautiful woman and the way other people are calling her a liar is just wrong in every way. Why is it when someone says something people are saying they’re lying, do you not have anything better to do than to try everything they can so they can cut them down. That says a lot about some of the people in our world today. It’s heartbreaking and extremely rude. God is our creator and he wants people to be more like him and be happy and not bare false witness against our neighbors. No one does this anymore. What difference does it make what she ate in her lifetime, if that’s your only point that’s so ridicules., and you really need to take a look at yourself. God told us to take the wood out of our own eyes before we take the splinter out of theirs. It seems like this world has nothing better to do than tearing others apart. No wonder their is so much violence in it. People just don’t show or give any respect or love to anyone. Look at what they are doing to our babies. They are killing them and making it legal to do so. What would you think if your mother did that to you? I think you would be very mad. They accepted their responsibilities and raised you. Today women are having abortions as a way of contraception. Planned parenthood is lying to women every day by telling you it’s not a baby when it is. When you have this done I want you to know that when this procedure is being done, the machine they hook you up to will suck their arms and legs off their little bodies and they may use other tools to try and grab them with hooks on it just to get it out. This is being done to a very small infant while they are still alive in your womb. How would you feel if this little baby was you and your mother was letting her so called Dr. Do this to you. It’s so inhumane. This world is so full of hate and a lot of that hatred is being blamed on God. That’s not true God is there and wants to help us, but it’s our fault. We don’t ask God to step in and help us, instead we have pushed him away from us. People are closing our churches, throwing out his books about him away from schools or our libraries and our government is now trying to take him off the money that’s made. They condemn preaching in the streets by making them leave and they won’t let us pray in public or schools. But they will let the church of Satan speak to our children and teach them and it’s okay for that. This world will never survive without Gods help. We need to pray daily for our leaders, our government and our people and other countries.

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