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Camille, one of Grace Kelly’s granddaughters is all grown up and looks just like the iconic Princess

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What a beautiful young lady. We can definitely see the resemblance with the iconic Princess.

Princess Grace Kelly, a legendary actress, continues to be a symbol of timeless beauty, long after her passing. Her brief but remarkable six-year career left an indelible mark during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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Born on November 12, 1929, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Grace Kelly was the daughter of John B. Kelly, an Olympic gold-medal-winning rower, and the niece of acclaimed playwright George Kelly. George played a significant role in Kelly’s career as he was a strong supporter of her dream to become an actress and closely followed her journey to stardom in Hollywood.

Grace Kelly’s career as an actress saw her starring alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. She made her debut in the film industry with a role in Fourteen Hours but it was her performance as Gary Cooper’s Quaker wife in the classic 1952 movie High Noon that propelled her to stardom. Following this breakthrough, Kelly went on to feature in several notable films including Mogambo, an adventure romance that co-starred Clark Gable and Ava Gardner. For her role in this film, she received a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. Kelly’s other significant movies include The Country Girl, which earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, the comedy musical High Society, and three Alfred Hitchcock movies: Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, and To Catch a Thief, in which she starred alongside Cary Grant.

At the young age of 26, Grace Kelly had already achieved the status of being the highest-paid and most respected actress in the world. However, her life took a different turn when she met Prince Rainier III of Monaco during a photoshoot at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Kelly fell in love with him and eventually married him, which meant she became the Princess of Monaco.

Tying the knot with a prince meant her acting career was over.

Grace Kelly had always been a picture of grace and elegance, reminiscent of a true princess throughout her life. Besides being known for her breathtaking beauty, she was also admired for her kind-hearted nature and was loved by many. Her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco resulted in the birth of their three children, Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and Princess Stéphanie.


Tragically, at the age of only 52, Princess Grace Kelly passed away in a car accident. It was reported that she suffered a stroke while driving, causing her to lose control of the vehicle. Fortunately, her daughter Stephanie, who was also in the car, survived the accident.

Grace Kelly’s legacy lives on through her 11 grandchildren, all of whom have inherited her beauty and style. Among them, 20-year-old Camille Gottlieb, daughter of Princess Stephanie, stands out as the one who bears the closest resemblance to her famous grandmother.

Camille Gottlieb’s striking resemblance to her famous grandmother and the fact that she comes from a prominent family has garnered her some level of fame. She often shares photos of herself and her family on her Instagram account, which has amassed over 70,000 followers.

Many people have commented on how Camille’s blonde hair and blue eyes resemble those of her grandmother, Grace Kelly. The resemblance between the two is uncanny and hard to ignore.

Although Camille’s parents were not married when she was born, it doesn’t diminish her status as a princess. However, she is not eligible for the Monegasque throne due to the laws of succession in Monaco. Nonetheless, she remains a beloved member of her family and a source of inspiration to many.

Kelly would have so much to be proud of if she was still alive.

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