Android 9 Pie – Is Really Has a Top Features?

Hello, guys, my name is Ankit and today’s topic is Android 9 Pie. Everyone is always excited about a new version of the android. And there are also many rumors is on the boom which is Android 9 name is this, Android 9 name is that. I heard all the rumors and take a brief knowledge about that rumors but Pie name isn’t in the name on the rumors. Google is just surprised to all of us that Android 9 name is Pie. I heard from many sites their prediction Android 9 name will Pancake, and according to some another article they claim that the Android 9 name will be Pumpkin. But Finally, this all confusion is going away. So, I’m here to talk about what kind of features we get in this New Android 9 Pie. Android 9 Pie is just giving you many upgrade features which make your phone performance batter in a smart way as you want. Pie’s new features are divided into three parts and we discuss on every part of New Android 2018. To make this happen and make this Android so powerful, smart and responsive there is the big hand of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Artificial Intelligence new features are the main function is, this will automatically adapt your phone software as per your uses in a particular time. And users will get every option in a new, attractive, responsive and with an eye catchy interface.

Main Features of New Android 9 Pie

  • Intelligence
  • Simplicity
  • Digital Wellbeing



Digital wellbeing

Adaptive Battery


App Dashboard

Adaptive Display

New Home Button

App Timer


New System Navigation

DND with New Interface

App Action

Smart Text Selection

Wind Down Mode


In this feature we get will the better battery performance because Google is giving a new option in this Android Pei which is the Adaptive battery which just improves your battery performance. The function of this Adaptive Battery is, this feature is recording how many applications you install in your phone and how much time you spend on each application, according to this Android is automatically deciding which application need power or which application won’t need.  In other words, each application will get as much power as it needs. Thus, the battery performance in becomes the batter. And the second option which is Adaptive brightness this time you just think that we already have that kind of option which is called Auto-Brightness, but this is just a next level option and this is advance than an old one. For example, when we even then when we are out and have different feet, then this option will automatically find out what kind of brightness we want at that time.


Basically, this feature will understand our usage and our need then it will take an action. After this the next option is App Action, these things guys is something like that it depends on, you are in the office, you are in the house, you are out there, time is in the morning or time is in the evening, Suppose that you have put an earphone on your phone so that you take action on that different time, it will remind that action and next time it will suggest you the same action you had done previously. More briefly, for example, you put a headphone in your phone and after that you option YouTube so this is reminding that action and next time whenever you connect a Headphone on your phone this will suggest you to Open YouTube like this or this is how the App Action will work So, here you will find this option in the shortcut form. Let me tell about the next option which is called it Slices, by the use of this option you can able search any application by the search menu and use it. But which application is supporting the Slices is format only that apps will appear on the search menu. So, this will help you take a quick action like for example, you need to book an Uber cab, you need to order something online on Amazon and Flipkart or you need to book a table in Restaurants according to your history this will make your action easy by this new update.


Now we talk about Simplicity, which is complete UI it is quite simple, that means you have only single home buttons which you get here instead of the same 3 buttons at the bottom. For check what application running other n device and how many applications you just recently used for this, you just need to swipe that single home button and it will take you to your Card Format. Basically, there is a big role of the gestures here, before this option you need to install a third-party application to use Gestures option but in Android Pie this feature is inbuilt. You can set different type gestures to open different particular application by easily a single swipe. And by the use of this, you can use a text from one app to another app by just copy/paste. Infect, when you select any single word it will show the meaning of that word or you just get a smart option to extend that word and you can Google that word directly you won’t need to open Google application any type that keyword. This will work in any application.


Digital Wellbeing

This is a new technology which is let you do whatever you want to do on your phone without any distraction and without any interruption from another application when you doing work on a current app. In this Google just take new and effective steps to the users because we all know that we use our Smartphone much more in a single day. We just give major particular time to our phone than another thing. So, keeping all these things in mind, Google has done this great technology. So, manage this we get a Dashboard in our mobile phone which shows us, how much time I just spend on every application individually in a single day. This is not the end, here you also get the information, how many times you just open your phone lock/unlock in a day. And now the main purpose of this app do is you can set a timer or time limit to every single application for how much you have to spend time than single application when the time limit will cross it will remind you and act to close the application or this will be disabled that application automatically. If you really want to control your usage so this is going to the best option for you. And here the DND (Do Not Disturb) option is improved. In previously when you set your mobile phone on DND so it will stop you all notification and call sound but the brightness will still be blinking. But here when you activate DND mode on your mobile phone this will stop all the things, like your screen will won’t give you any feedback to you it is doesn’t matter what is happening in your mobile phone. By this option, on you can do your work without distraction.


The next option is known as Wind Down this is built for making a change in your routine. For example, Often, when we lie down in the night, we take the phone for 2 minutes but these 2 minutes will change in 2 hours we cannot find it. So, by the use of Wind Down here you can set a timer for how much you should spend on your mobile phone from now. After the time limit will cross your phone display becomes colourless or B/W. In this condition, maybe you are not interstitial in your phone for a long time, which might change your routine. So here we have explained what kind of new and advanced features you will get in Android 9 pie. Maybe this information will help you and cover your many question and confusion about this New Pie Android. If you want to get information about any devices or any technical information you can comment on down below we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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