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8-year-old boy lost to freak accident while playing basketball at home

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8-year-old dies in freak accident – sending prayers.

Eli Hill, an 8-year-old from Corbin, Kentucky, was simply enjoying a game of basketball outside when tragedy struck. What started as an innocent game turned into a freak accident that ultimately cost the young boy his life.

As per WKYT’s report, the police stated that the tragic incident occurred when the young boy went to fetch an object to assist him in dunking the basketball into the hoop. However, during the game, the backboard suddenly struck him, crushing his chest and causing him to succumb to fatal blunt force trauma.

Eli Hill was a cherished member of the Hill family, who expressed that their son was an exceptional individual. He was known for his kind and affectionate nature, as well as his extensive knowledge of sports.

Ashley Hill, Eli’s mother, said that her son’s light shone brightly despite his young age of eight years. She also shared that they are incredibly proud of the legacy he has left behind.

The Hill family chose to donate Eli’s organs, allowing someone else to benefit from his kind-hearted nature.

Many people were familiar with Eli Hill and the amount of joy he brought into their lives. He had a unique ability to spread happiness and positivity wherever he went. Eli was especially passionate about baseball, and he had a deep love for the sport that was evident to everyone who knew him.

The Hill family also used the police department to caution people against donating money to a fraudulent GoFundMe page set up in their name. They clarified that they did not establish the page.

The Better Business Bureau advises individuals to be wary of suspicious crowdfunding campaigns and to exercise caution before making any donations. It is recommended that donors verify the legitimacy of the campaign and its organizers before making any contributions.

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