What is Paranormal activity?

As you are here and If you are reading this post means you want to know, Is Paranormal Activity exist or real? So here is some of my research and as I know about on this topic I will tell you reality about it. Actually, before writing this post, I didn’t believe in Ghosts and any other type of Abnormal things. But someday before, I faced a problem and saw the activity which is abnormal for me. Actually, I was at my uncle’s house. My uncle recently bought that house so I was going to a party and that night we all, me and cousins were checking our CCTV footage of that new house and we were enjoying that to see some funny moments on roadside Suddenly we saw an Unwanted thing and we all scared from that and we shut the Tape. And we go for outside and Searching that thing but there was nothing. My younger cousin had scared too much she was shouting and weeping and suddenly we saw the same thing on the roadside that was too far to us. I ran there to catch that thing but I can’t catch him because that thing disappeared somewhere And that day I realize some Abnormal (paranormal) activity or Things Are exist in this world and form that day I believe in these things You can Also Watch that tape in which we have seen that Unwant activity which happens with me. thanx, A lot for reading. If you want to see the real ghost than Watch the video which is given on the top.



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