3 Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones 2018

Hello, friends, we are here today with another product for review. And today we will discuss Top Best 3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones in 2018. As we know that Headphone is made us comfortable when we are feeling bored, travelling somewhere and watching movies on our phone. So, we really want to have a great quality headphone which makes us feel realistic sound and make us feeling fully immersive into the virtual world. And this is all dependent upon your headphone quality that’s why we are here to suggest you, which headphone is perfect for as per your budget. We are here talk about Wireless Headphone as I mention in the title of the post because we know that we have to face much more problem to carry a wired headphone in the Metro and Buses. So, that is why we are going to review some Wireless Headphone here. Wireless Headphone is very easy to carry anywhere and make us feel comfortable. But in the Wired Headphones we face the same problem, sometimes our wire will be stuck in a Sharp Object after that the wire will damage and the Headphone doesn’t work properly. But in the Wireless this problem is minimized.

Best top 3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone

  • JBL E65BTNC Wireless Over-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  • Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM2 Over the Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  • Marshall Mid ANC Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

1. JBL E65BTNC Wireless Over-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headphone

JBL has added a new Headphone in their E-series which is JBL E65 and this is the refreshed model of the JBL E-series Headphones. The best part of this headphone, this is both Bluetooth (BT) and Noise Cancelling (NC) as the model name suggests. And this is making this the only model in the E-series which give us both the main features in just one headphone and in your budgets also. And this one comes with a Long-Battery Life which means you don’t need to carry the charger with you every time.


Design and Comfort

Actually, the design of any product is playing an important role so, let me discuss its design. As I compare this E65 to other E-Series Headphones this headphone dressed up with a great and unique design which you will definitely like it. JBL gives you Volume control Button on one side and this is pretty much better because you don’t need to remove your mobile phone to control the volume level. The ear-cushion is very soft and comfortable with your ear. The major part of is Headphone made-up of plastic and other the metal is used on Hinge and foldable clips are made of metals. And the Headband is made with a Strong and brighter metal which makes you feel nice and help to give this a premium look. The JBL E65 just comes in three variant colours Black, Blue and white. And here we are reviewing the black one which is really a great choice for black lovers.

Sounds and Hardware

On the left earcup we just have a MicroUSB port, and on the right earcup, we found Aux port. Let me tell what you get in the box? In the box, you get 3.5mm aux cable, MicroUSB Charging Cable. As we already discuss Design and comfort they also main things about Any product, but so, thankfully this headphone doesn’t make you sad by the sound quality. The sound is Most important things to consider. In the staring with the Bass quality which is deep and clear bass as we want from any Headphone. The bass is quite clear and you can also set this from your phone sound settings.

2. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM2

This Headphone is released in Sep 2017, Sony had been introduced the new 1000MX2 is replaced for their flagship and in this Sony Active the Noise- Cancelling headphones. And this Model of the Sony Headphone is upgraded with the great finishes. And this is coming with high power and High Performance and plenty of clever customization properties through the given app. As the Sony says hear what you want in the way what you want is really says as well. The noise cancelling is pretty much awesome and clever with this Sony Wh1000XM2. As we know that the whole Industry is leading the Noise Cancellation features. Sony is made this with the latest Technology which is auto measure the atmospheric pressure then it is adjusting to your individual listening style.

Design and Comfort

The Sony is designed this with new textured and classy look which gives a new and dashing look. And the earcup is made up with a very spongy rubber which makes you feel very comfortable. Sony has added in it a new Advance features which are “Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing” this mainly helps you to listen in the plane because this feature adjusts your altitude automatically. So, Whenever I am in flight I can be turned on this feature to reduce the external plane sound. If you use the Sony Companion App so, by this you can also activate Adaptive Sound Control. You can also customize your sound profile as per your need in EQ option in the app. By this, you can control the ambient noise you want to hear this will help you to hear some important announcement on Airport to hear where your flight is bearding. And when you press or touch right earcup then this is let you hear outside noise.


Sound Setting and Noise Cancelling

With Adaptive Sound Control this makes your listening smarter and this is Auto-detecting your activity such as you are travelling, walking and waiting for means that you are not in the motion then you can adjust the ambient sound setting as per your need. The sound is like this will you Immerged into the music world. The deep bass is just making you feel like you are carrying a little Home theatre with you always. The three mode is really useful in daily life. When you are travelling somewhere you can be turned On the Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing” so it will not interrupt and lose yourself with no external sound. I recommended you to buy this Headphone.

3. Marshall Mid ANC Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

I like this too much because with me I have an active noise cancelling Headphone which is a premium active noise cancelling headphones. And we also get with this a Bluetooth a PDX technology that delivers high superior wireless or audio while you are outside your home or dampening the sound around you. These Headphones is Letting you enjoy what is the matters most around you and this is reduced the outside noise. With this powerful Headphones, the music Is custom 40 millimetre which is control by the dynamic drivers then this delivers a robust sound which is balances clarity and the stability just the right amount of sound to make a day’s perfect. This Headphone is mainly for those who demand the best in audio quality. This Headphone is connected with a powerful standby to reduced your interruption and this is offered up to 20 hours of wireless playtime when there is active noise cancelling a Bluetooth are On or this is engaged And It will give you 30 plus hours of wireless playtime if you use this without NC.

Design and Comfort

The only design features are glassy look and the headband is just wrapped in soft microfiber 3-D hinges which is produce The Economic fit and black anodized metal and this provides the Mechanical Strength to the Whole body, and it detailing or gives this headphone an amazing and iconic look which make you push to buy this Headphone. The Marshall Made ANC is an “Active Noise Cancelling” headphones that utilize and immerse you go into the music world and this the microphones are used for continuously measure and pinpoint ambient noise and this just blocks out the things around you and which you don’t want to hear.

Hardware and Performance

Marshall Headphone is Powered by Bluetooth technology which gives you exceptional audio quality which is everyone expects from their Headphones. And With this, you get a huge range that makes you feel freedom and convenience because this will work if you move within 30 feet from your connected devices. This is a very huge range in a wireless listening Headphones. And there is a single button by this you can put the total control at your fingertips. In this Marshall, a multi-directional control is an avail so you can play-Pause by the headphone. The main control like Shuffle and adjust the volume down/up of your device as well as power On or Off this all you can control by your headphones right here. With this feature which is Passive noise reduction microphones this will give you a stable sound quality and this all while never having to touch your device and You get a 3.5mm jack on the right cap and this perfect for the sharing and listening audio with your friends for when you want to save the power in case you’re low on power. And you can check this one also.

Easy to carry

In addition to the detachable coil cord, a micro USB charging cable just comes with each pair of the headphones. And in the last, the maid is fully collapsible but easy to store and easy to the transportation which is very convenience. It’s guitar inspired showcase features a rich velvet redlining. Unendurable vinyl covering collapsible when not in use. The marshal made active noise cancelling headphones. Is the perfect everyday travelling companion allowing your music to take centre stage?


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