Draymond motivated by his children to prove doubters wrong

 Draymond Green doesn't have much left to prove to anybody, except maybe ... his own children?

The Warriors forward has nearly done it all throughout his 10-year NBA career.

Green is a three-time NBA Champion, three-time All-Star, Defensive Player of the Year and has accumulated eight All-Defensive/All-NBA awards. As one of the best defensive players of all time, Green doesn't have many doubters left, but he still manages to stay motivated in order to prove every last one of them wrong. 

As the leader on defense for the Warriors, Green has played a huge role in Golden State's NBA-best 15-2 record this season. And it appears that he's playing with newfound motivation, as he revealed after the Warriors' 119-104 win over the Toronto Raptors Sunday night at Chase Center. 

"Yeah, it is true," Green told reporters postgame. "I've just kind of found that love again. Going through a lot of s--t, the love kind of wane's a little bit. I've just found that love and joy for the game, and I'm enjoying playing basketball and controlling what I can control. A point of emphasis for myself this year was simply to control what I can control. That means on the court, that means with the referees, that means off the floor. That's just a step in my life, and I think it shows on the basketball court."

It sounds like he has his own children to thank for that

 "My son is getting older, my oldest daughter, she's seven now," Draymond continued. "They kind of get on my ass if we lose, so that's motivation. And I think for me, also, I've been sh--ty the last couple of years, so my kids don't really understand how good I am. And I want them to see how good I am so that they'll have an understanding. So that is motivation for me."

Now some might disagree with Draymond's assessment of his own play the previous two seasons, but neverthless he's as motivated as ever and wants to add to his long list of hardware. 

"When I was playing at the top of my level, which I'm getting back to that now, they were (ages) three and one. So that is motivating to me, to play well in front of them so that they have an understanding of what I do. Most importantly, I want to win, I want to be Defensive Player of the Year again, and I want to be an All-Star again. That is motivating for me because a lot of people had counted me out. Same mistake people made before when I first came into the league."

Opponents are averaging just 101.1 points per game against the Warriors' defense this season, the lowest mark of any team in the NBA. 

An extra-motivated Draymond deserves a ton of credit for that.  

Source: https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/warriors/draymond-greens-children-serve-motivation-his-2021-success

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