If you Believe in God You must read this story


Hello reader's I know if you are here it means you never forget to pray from God. So in this article I'm going to share a story which makes your faith strong in God. Read this story and give a comment after reading this.

Once upon a time in village there was a boy. His name was Jhon, he denied that god isn't exist in this world and we should not pray in front of those who doesn't exist. Sometimes he fought from Church's father. His behavior was very rude against who believe in god. One day he he was going to city. On the way of city there was a forest.

City was far from village and he was alone on the way. in the middle of his journey a old man meets him and ask where are you going my son?

Jhon: I'm going to city for better life.

Old man: oh! that's good my son God will protect you.

Jhon: ''laughs'' Hahahaha God? how who doesn't exist in this world?

Old man: Believe in God my son he is very kind I know he forget your bad behavior and still saves you. 

Jhon: Ahh! ok let's see.

And he leaves and start his journey again. After sometime in the middle of forest A tiger comes and attacked him. He shouted and start running for his life. But tiger caught him and bite on his leg. He told please leave me I want to live.

Tiger told him I'm hungry and I will eat you I can't leave you. But if you can give me another man meat than I can leave you alive. Jhon thinks how it will be possible. Suddenly he Pray first time from God.

Please God help me!!

After he saw That old man again he was coming. Old man reach in front of Jhon and tells What happened my son.

Jhon: please help me from this Tiger and he told everything about Tiger.

Old man: Told from Tiger leave him.

Tiger: If I leave this man than I want your meat if you agree and than I can leave him.

Old man: ok you can eat my body. and he cuts his hands and legs and give to Tiger.

Tiger eat all of those meat and leave the Jhon. Jhon See old man was alive and every part of his body was well.

He ask how it is possible. Then he saw old man disappeared! and he realize God helps him.

After that incident he starts believing in god and He pray daily in front of God.


If you not believing in god It doesn't mean God forgets about your health. God Always helps his children it doesn't matter he believes in him or not. But I want to say believe in God and Pray daily. Amen

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