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13-year-old boy killed by what fell from the sky as he played basketball with his friends

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It seems that the older we get, the more we learn to appreciate the fragility of life.

When we’re young, we never really pause to reflect on the prospect of our own mortality. Yet with time comes experience, as well as the knowledge that everyday we live might just be our last.

Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time, all over the world, cutting short lives in all manner of strange and tragic ways. The family of 13-year-old Noah Inman know this all too well, and their heartbreaking experience is enough to make anyone stop for a moment to consider what’s really important.

As per reports, Noah, of Indiana, was playing basketball with his friends in 2017 when something suddenly fell from the sky and struck him in the head…

Credit / GoFundMe

It must have seemed a day like any other for young Noah Inman. He and his friends had gone to play basketball in the sun, unaware of the incomprehensible tragedy that was about to play out.

According to reports, Noah collapsed suddenly in the middle of his basketball game. Witnesses initially thought that the 13-year-old had suffered a seizure, and called an ambulance, but it soon became apparent that something even more serious had occurred.

Noah was whisked away to a nearby hospital, where doctors discovered that he had been struck by a falling bullet, fired into the air by someone else in the area. Sadly, the young boy could not be saved, and succumbed to his injuries seven days later.

A tear-jerking update to the GoFundMe page established after the incident read:

“We are saddened to say our sweet Noah passed away this afternoon after fighting his injuries for the last 7 days. He was surrounded by family who love him dearly. He fought hard and we know he is finally at peace. Thank you all for your contributions as they will be used to help his parents pay for medical expenses and memorial services. Please continue to keep Noah and your family in your prayers.“

An investigation by the Hammond Police Department concluded that the bullet had likely been fired into the air in celebration, only to return to Earth and strike Noah as he played basketball.

Mayor Tom McDermott Jr. labeled Noah’s death a senseless and tragic event, urging whoever had fired the gun to come forward.

To honor Noah’s memory, his baseball team embroidered his initials and jersey number on their caps for their game the following weekend. Noah’s coach, Juan Maldonado, described the boy as a “dream kid” who had ever shown dedication and humility.

Rest in peace, Noah. Let this be a reminder for the need for further responsibility as it pertains to gun ownership and use of firearms.

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Love and Peace

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